Welcome to Jorgen's stupid little home..

Stag party #1 july 2003 - Rafting, DRINKING, paintball and stuff!

Bilder av min datter; Thea Christin Skogstad

Bilder fra Islandsturen slutten av november 2002

30 årslaget til Esten og Dag Rune

ITIL Manager course, Stratford Upon Avon, England, January 2003

ITIL Manager course, Manchester, England, April 2003

Redecoration of our apartment in Majorstuen, Oslo 2003

I got to borrow a Lotus Elise for a week some time ago!

Some cool mp3s

Some book stuff I am contemplating finishing ...


In due time I will get my sites up again. I have the skogstad.com and skogstad.no domains which I have had for years without actually doing much with them. Pretty sad.. but that will be fixed soon. At least that's on the agenda for summer - so we will see!